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Can Heat-Not-Burn Devices Help Smokers Quit Smoking?

People are getting more comfortable with using technology in all areas of their life. This is even seen in smoking, with many people making the switch from traditional cigarettes to IQOS heets Dubai, UAE. The main difference between the two being that IQOS uses heat to extract the tobacco fumes rather than burning them. This is definitely seen as an option for a cleaner way of smoking in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as there is no fire, smoke, or ash.

The tobacco used is treated to reduce nicotine and tar content to make them relatively less harmful to cigarettes. People looking to curb their smoking do consider it a great alternative to the traditional consumption of tobacco. Being small and compact, the IQOS device comes with a fast charger, long-lasting battery, and is easy to carry around with you. You can easily order your HEETS online and have them delivered to you, saving you the trouble of going out to buy them. The IQOS and HEETS have been smartly priced in Dubai, making them cheaper in the long run as compared to traditional cigarettes.

Can Heat-Not-Burn Devices Help Smokers Quit Smoking - unitedwaythomasfirefund

Parliament HEETS

There exists a wide range of HEETS that are made available to you in the UAE by Parliament. You get to choose between their varied selections of tobacco flavors and also ones with menthol and citrus flavors. These IQOS and HEETS have been specially crafted to deliver the finest smoking experience in Dubai.

The additional aromas of berry, cocoa, herbs, and dried fruit act like the cherry on the cake to cater to your distinguished taste. Heets by parliament also offer you mild flavored tobacco with spicy undertones. The charger that accompanies your IQOS is also quite small and compact. Small cleaning brushes also come as part of the IQOS kit allowing you to clean it after every use. This makes them quite a convenient option for those looking to make a switch from smoking cigarettes to a less harmful alternative.

Can Heat-Not-Burn Devices Help Smokers - unitedwaythomasfirefund

Home Delivery

The IQOS and HEETS are made available to people in the UAE through online sales and home delivery facilities too. This is quite a welcome move which makes the whole process quite user-friendly. No longer will you have to take the trouble of scouring the local convenience stores to find IQOS devices and heet sticks with the flavors that you want. It is all made easily accessible to you for online purchase.

All you need to do is locate the online dealer of your favorite HEET flavors, select the ones you want, enter your details and make the payment. The HEETS selected will be dispatched to your location in Dubai or Abu Dhabi shortly after you place the order. This is an amazing way to get your heets delivery through a contactless mode, the importance of which cannot be stressed enough in today’s world.

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Can Heat-Not-Burn Devices Help Smokers Quit - unitedwaythomasfirefund

IQOS is a new innovative approach to tobacco consumption that reduces the health risks associated with it.

Can Heat-Not-Burn Devices Help Smokers Quit - unitedwaythomasfirefund

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