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All You Need to Know About HEETS


An electronic device, the IQOS delivers people in the UAE with the same joy of smoking tobacco by heating it instead of burning it. Quite a sophisticated little device, it comes along with a charger and has a holder the size of a pen case. You can easily carry it around in your pocket and use it at your convenience in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

There are various flavors for you to choose from, and the tobacco used in these heets UAE packs contains lesser amounts of harmful chemicals than traditional cigarettes. It’s a great way to continue enjoying smoking in a much less dangerous way that is environmentally friendly too. This device heats the tobacco up to 350 degrees centigrade and delivers the flavor without combustion or leaving any residual ash or smoke. You can purchase all the different varieties of heet sticks from us. These are not only healthier but also easier on the pocket as compared to smoking cigarettes.

Our new innovative products deliver the same old satisfaction that comes from smoking without any nicotine and tar. It’s time to turn the heat up; you can find out more about our product range by visiting our website.

All You Need to Know About Variety Of Flavors - unitedwaythomasfirefund

Variety Of Flavors

Apart from all the convenience factors mentioned above, you also get to choose heets in various flavors. You get to choose from heets that deliver a rich tobacco blend to ones that provide an intense cooling menthol flavor. As any ardent tobacco aficionado knows, there is a whole array of different options in tobacco that deliver a diverse range of tastes while smoking.

Our heets have been designed with a fine blend of tobacco to deliver a smooth smoking experience without the burning of any tobacco. Roasted tobacco gives you a pleasant nutty taste, while menthol adds an excellent refreshing element to your smoke break. You can even choose menthol blends that contain a minty twist that makes it even more enjoyable.

If you enjoy variety, then our heets are the right choice for you. You can enjoy a different flavor each time you decide to have a smoke and liven up your day. Buy a IQOS 3 Duo device today and try for it yourself.

All You Need to Know About HEETS - unitedwaythomasfirefund

Technology has been harnessed to create this new way of smoking minus harmful chemicals without combustion.

All You Need to Know About HEETS - unitedwaythomasfirefund

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