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Discover the Real HEETS Yellow and Sienna Flavor

Have you heard of Heets, which is a product of our brand IQOS? Heets are tobacco sticks manufactured to be used in our IQOS devices. These devices offer our consumers a comparatively healthy and simplified experience like vaping or smoking. Our devices are built to give the user the same pleasure sans smoke, ash or disgusting odour that are usually consequences of regular smoking.

With the concept of ‘heat not burn’ Heets sticks can be seamlessly used in IQOS devices to heat the tobacco which reduces the level of toxicity by over 90 percent when compared to burning tobacco. Its smoke-free functionality allows our users to use our products within the confines of a room as well. The lack of smoke, ash and toxic elements has zero effects on your surroundings, like second-hand smoke which is a drawback of smoking cigarettes in public. Heating heets sticks helps release the true taste of tobacco. These sticks come in various flavours adding to the delightful experience. Heets are easily available online across UAE; here we will highlight two of the flavours that Heets are manufactured in. Once you’ve read through, you can opt to buy heets online from a reliable store like ours.

Discover the Real HEETS Yellow Flavor - unitedwaythomasfirefund

The Original – Yellow

Yellow Heets is one of the two original flavors in the stack of heat sticks produced by IQOS. Known to be one of the flavors that mimic the burnt tobacco flavor, this is what makes the heets yellow product an easy favorite amongst users. This unique feature gives regular smokers the closest experience to smoking but transforms that experience in a healthy style by heating and not burning the tobacco. This light yet zesty tobacco blend has its balanced aroma that ensures to moderates the stinky odor that burnt tobacco usually tends to leave behind in regular smokers. So essentially a user receives all the benefits of smoking without really smoking burnt tobacco. Each box of yellow Heets contains 10 packs of Heets and each pack contains 20 Heets. In all a user receives 200 Heets in a single box.

Discover the Real HEETS Sienna Flavor - unitedwaythomasfirefund

The Blend – Sienna

Sienna Heets are known for their light aroma that has a tea-like relish. This wholesome blend missed with scorched tobacco oomph offers a user a versatile experience of smoking and vaping in one. Mind you, this is a far healthier and eco-friendly option in comparison. The sienna heets pack additionally has a peculiar minty effect that allows our users to enjoy the experience till the end. Similar to other packs, Sienna Heets too come in boxes of 200 Heets. Each Heets stick lasts for approximately 14 puffs.

Heets come in varied flavors each with its own distinct experience that guarantees a safe yet pleasurable experience that is void of any serious undesirable after-effects to the body. Heets are easily available online across the UAE and can be used across our range of unique IQOS devices. Get your set of an IQOS device and pack of Heets today to experience the difference.

Discover the Real HEETS Yellow and Sienna Flavor - unitedwaythomasfirefund

Try the real experience of IQOS with the Yellow or Sienna Heets packs. You are bound to enjoy these flavours.

Discover the Real HEETS Yellow and Sienna Flavor - unitedwaythomasfirefund

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