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Mirrored Dragons Hand Painted Umbrella 35 Inch

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Mirrored Dragons Hand Painted Umbrella 35 Inch Description

Size:Large This artistic Asian umbrella is completely handcrafted and hand-painted. On top of the shade, it features a dragon motif that is painted entirely by hand. The scene shows two Chinese dragons mirroring each other against an all-red background. The dragons are painted green, white, yellow and pink. The mouths of the dragons are almost touching while each dragon is lifting one foot and clutching its claws, as if each is going to attack the other. The dragon is one of the most popular and enduring icons in Chinese culture. It was the official symbol for the past emperors of China and was thought to control the weather and seas. The red background color of the shade is associated with luck and prosperity in Chinese culture. The Chinese often use red in weddings, festivities and during Chinese New Year. The shade of this umbrella is made of a durable cotton fabric that is oil-coated. This renders the shade water-resistant and will allow usage in light rain. The thick cotton shade will block significant light, so it can be used to protect from the sun as well. The shaft of the umbrella is made from actual bamboo. The handle and spokes are crafted from wood. Raising and lowering the shade is performed manually, but is very easy. Sturdy, fashionable and unique, this Asian umbrella has many applications. Use it as a fashion prop, a decorative accent piece, as a practical accessory when outside or even for cosplay. For longevity of the painted shade, we recommend that you dry the umbrella shade with a light towel it if gets wet. This will permit the shade to last longer and protect against any fading.

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